We recognise that these are concerning times and that many people are worried about the impact that the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 is causing. 

Our absolute priority is supporting individuals, employers, partners and colleagues through the effects of the pandemic. 

Our services remain open and accessible, however the nature of our delivery is changing in response to public health advice.   

If you are worried about the short-term impact of COVID-19 on your employment please contact the PACE helpline on 0800 917 800. 

Please refer to the FAQs below for further help and advice. 

I’ve been told I’ve been made redundant – where do I go for advice and support?

The Scottish Government’s Partnership for Continuing Employment (PACE) is a well-established service to support individuals and employers dealing with redundancy.   

To find out more visit redundancyscotland.co.uk   

To speak to our PACE team please call us on 0800 917 800.

We are working with Scottish Government and other partners to ensure our PACE delivery is responsive to the emerging situation and we will keep this website updated with the latest advice and guidance. 

My employment conditions have changed significantly – where can I go for advice and support? 

For support with career information, advice and guidance – speak to an adviser by calling your local SDS team or visiting myworldofwork.co.uk  

I’m at risk of suffering severe hardship as a result of COVID-19 - where can I access help? 

The Scottish Government has announced a range of interventions designed to support communities through the effects of the pandemic.   

Funding will be made available to councils, charities, businesses and community groups to enable them to respond swiftly and according to local need for people impacted economically or through reduced contact with society, including anyone struggling to access food.  

Further advice and support can be found on Ready Scotland 

The UK Government has published guidance in relation to statutory sick pay, universal credit and range of additional measures.   

Many local authorities are publishing updates on local services in response to the pandemic – MyGov has details of local authority websites. 

I have a question that isn’t answered above

For support with career information, advice and guidance – speak to an adviser by calling your local SDS team or visiting myworldofwork.co.uk 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) support page for more information on the support and advice we can offer at this time.