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Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has published a series of Regional Skills Assessments (RSAs) providing a single, agreed evidence base to help guide future investment in skills.

The RSAs, which cover the Scottish Enterprise operating area and complement the recently published Skills Investment Plan for the Highlands and Islands, have been developed in association with Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Funding Council and the Scottish Local Authorities Economic Development Group.

Gordon McGuinness, Depute Director of Industry and Enterprise Networks at SDS, said:

"The publication of RSAs is an important step in recognising skills policy as a key driver of economic growth and a vital tool in addressing youth unemployment. They provide a single evidence base which will help align skills provision with the demands of the economy and the demands of employers. With Scotland's economy having faced huge structural changes in recent years, it's essential that we have the tools available so that valuable resources can be directed in the right way."

As well as assisting SDS in aligning its investment in individuals and businesses, RSAs will be used by the Scottish Funding Council and Regional Colleges to inform the development of Regional Outcome Agreements, and can be used by Local Authorities and other partners to inform strategic investment.

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